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Organizing Files in a Module Zip

The following is from SugarOutfitters, which is a marketplace for SugarCRM modules, addons, integrations, and more.

Since a given module installation is defined by the manifest.php included in the zip it is basically up to each developer to decide how to package their module. This flexibility is great but can cause both confusion for new developers and for folks trying to understand what a module zip contains. For the latter, this could be end users who like to know every detail or it could be a developer who is taking on or contributing to someone else’s module.

For this article we won’t be recommending a full SugarCRM Module Standardization. Instead we are going to suggest one way of organizing and look to get your own suggestions on how to better organize modules.

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Manifest Copy Directive in a SugarCRM Module

The following is from SugarOutfitters, which is a marketplace for SugarCRM modules, addons, integrations, and more.

When it comes to developing solutions for SugarCRM there are many different ways to go about solving a particular challenge. In our Dev Tips series of blogs we will be highlighting various best practices for add-on development with the end goal of creating higher quality solutions while minimizing the chances of an end user experiencing an issue.

One way to create solutions for SugarCRM is by creating installable packages called modules. Modules contain all the required files along with a manifest.php which defines how the module should be installed.

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Store moved to SugarOutfitters!

Why? Besides being a pain to use for everyone the old store just didn’t provide a good user experience. Moving to SugarOutfitters allows me to provide you with better support and better documentation. This will free me up to continue to support and grow SecuritySuite.

I created SugarOutfitters along with Chad Hutchins to make it easy to “Find quality, proven solutions to enhance your SugarCRM© experience.” We feel what is there now is a good first step to a larger vision of improving that experience. You can get more info from the SugarOutfitters blog. I’d love to hear your feedback on it.
–End Sidebar–

A big thank you is owed to all of you who have used and continue to use SecuritySuite. It has become the most popular teams solution for SugarCRM CE. However, I’m not satisfied with that. There is more that can be added to the suite to make it even more useful to you. Field level access and the ability to filter the list view by groups are two that come to mind. Custom group layouts works for most people who need to hide certain layouts but it doesn’t cover 100% of the cases. If you have some ideas that you’d love to see included make sure to add them as Feature Requests.

To continue its growth and to remove the confusion of having 2 different pricing options only a Yearly Subscription will be offered going forward. It is very important to me that you get a great value for the price and I believe the new price point achieves that while balancing the need to put food on my family’s table (not the same as Latrell Sprewell). I want to give you the best price possible while being able to ensure that this module will be around for a long, long time. With how often the SugarCRM code base changes it is quite time consuming to maintain as there are now 431 files in SecuritySuite. This is a necessity to ensure that your data is locked down and secure.

If you have bought a Yearly Subscription from the old store within the past year your purchase will be honored through the end of its term. You can login and go to your account here to view your subscription order and download all new versions that are released.

Thank you!
-Jason Eggers