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Have a need for a common customization? I’ll send you a flat rate cost to implement it.

Otherwise, I’ll send you a flat rate cost to do a project evaluation along with a ball park estimate of what the end solution would cost.

What is a project evaluation?
With a project evaluation you’ll get a detailed plan that takes out all the guess work. I put an immense amount of effort into researching a solution with you so that the result will be a successful project. In the end, you will receive a plan so highly laid out that any capable person or team can implement it. As a result, you will also receive a flat rate cost to implement it.

Experience with:

  • From-scratch web applications
  • SugarCRM modules or customizations
  • System integrations
  • iPad web applications
  • And much moreā€¦

Just fill out the form below or call me at 763.445.9344

Contact Form

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